Mayweather v Pacquiao Fight Worth $200 million

Mayweather already earning $80 million per fight. Looking to make $150 million+ v Pacquiao. Here's how it all breaks down: After breaking Pay Per View records, Floyd took home roughly $85 million from his last fight against Saul Alvarez.

The reason Floyd Mayweather is able to take home as much as $80 million from a single night's work is because he owns every single aspect of his own events.

Whenever Mayweather fights someone, he puts up all the money for the entire show, himself. He pays for the venue, the insurance, the vendors and even his opponent's purse, out of his own pocket.

IBF orders Froch v Groves rematch within 90 days

IBF orders Froch v Groves rematch: On Wednesday, January 15, 2014, an IBF Appeal Panel convened to hear the appeal of George Groves regarding his November 23, 2013, bout with Carl Froch. This bout was a mandatory defense of Carl Froch’s IBF Super Middleweight title and an optional defense of his WBA Super Middleweight title.

George Groves’ appeal was based in part on Rule 12. A. 2 of the IBF/USBA Rules Governing Championship Contests – Inappropriate conduct by the referee which is alleged to have affected the outcome of the fight.

Open Letter from Dereck Chisora to Deontay Wilder

Dear Deontay,

I’m asking you man-to-man and hope that you have the honour and courage to accept my challenge and fight me.

I’m in this business to prove that I’m the best and to become a world champion which I’m sure you are too, so take me up on my challenge and let’s do this and get it on early next year.

I’ll be honest, I don’t rate you. You’ve put together a record of 30 knockouts from 30 fights, but I believe that you are grossly overhyped for knocking over nobodies - which is understandable for the first two years as a pro when you’re learning - but after 30 fights you’re still knocking over nobodies. As a guide I fought Vitali Klitschko for the world title in only my 18th fight. When are you going to step up and fight a real contender?

Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission joins Mike Tyson in Assault on USA Boxing Credibility

Greg Sirb, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission and former President of the Association of Boxing Commissions has sent a letter to USA Boxing President Charles F. Butler, asking why it’s OK for amateur boxers can sign professional contracts with APB or WSB and still be eligible for the Olympics, but if these same amateur Boxers sign with Golden Boy, Iron Mike, Top Rank and or Main Events they would automatically lose their Olympic eligibility.

SUBJECT: Amateur/Olympic Boxing

TO: Charles F Butler – President USA Boxing

FROM: Gregory P Sirb, Executive Director – Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission

Mr. Butler I write to you in response to your letter regarding the signing of (2) Olympic prospects with a professional boxing promoter. Is it not the case now that so-called Olympic-caliber amateur boxers can indeed sign professional contracts while maintaining their Olympic eligibility?

Another KO - Mike Tyson's Response to USA Boxing

Dear Dr. Butler:

I am responding to your open letter regarding an erroneous claim that my boxing promotion’s position of signing young fighters is hindering the growth of USA Boxing’s future Olympic team. I am writing you directly to give you the respect you didn’t afford me when you addressed me in a public forum. I am most disappointed that you and USA Boxing could not afford me the courtesy and respect, not only as a former heavyweight champion, but a former amateur champion to contact me first instead of taking advantage of my name and company for publicity. Your organization never attempted to contact me directly to discuss this matter. Had you done so, perhaps you would have a better understanding of my love for amateur boxing and my commitment to protect fighters by giving them the best possible opportunities this business can offer. No one knows better than I the pitfalls of amateur and professional boxing. This is precisely why I am compelled to make Iron Mike Productions a transparent company. Our priority is the well being of our fighters and to produce the most exciting fights we can and in the process uplift the sport of boxing.

I love my country and I love the liberties living in a democracy affords. These young fighters have worked diligently and deserve the right to pursue the best path they deem fit for themselves. Unfortunately, many of them can’t wait around for a very slim shot at Olympic glory. Our country hasn’t had a male boxing gold medalist since 2004, which could be why many young hopefuls decide to turn professional sooner. Of all the current champions, I believe you would be hard pressed to find a former Gold Medalist. Many of these boxers are like me in that they are from poverty stricken communities and boxing is their only way to a better life. They have obligations beyond your personal vision for them. No one has the right to question the path a fighter chooses in pursuit of their American dream.